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König, Walter: Johannes Holst – Seascape Artist – English Edition


The book describes »the whole Holst«, the gifted seascape artist, the passionate sailor and boat builder, the builder of violins and music aficionado, the family man. Here are displayed previously unknown paintings of his family, of Altenwerder fishermen in sou’westers smoking pipes, the old shoemaker from next door, Bismarck and Liz Taylor, seafarers’ brides and South Sea beauties. The author discovered 1,400 works by the artist over many years of research which makes this the most thoroughly documented work on a German seascape artist. Every painting is shown in a Catalogue of Work, almost all in colour, every one described with affection. Over 100 paintings are displayed in the centre of the book to allow the great age of the windjammer and tea clippers to be relived. Just as Gorch Fock from Finkenwerder became poet of the sea, so Johannes Holst from Altenwerder became painter of the sea – congenial representatives of a life predicated by Elbe island culture in front of Hamburg’s gates. A book worth reading – a humble artistic work about a huge artist!